Prehistoric mounds and caves around Hvar, remains of an Illyrian fortress built in a place where the Fortress is today, and remains from the Greek and Roman era testify to the demographic and cultural continuity of the settlement which has in time become Hvar.


That protected harbour, well-positioned on the crossing of vertical and horizontal Adriatic waterways, and the most important stop on the way to, by a decision made in 1278 in Venice, became the centre of the island commune, the residence of the bishop and the prince and the main winter resort of the Venetian fleet. The town was mostly built in the 15th and 16th century style, and its spiritual and cultural renaissance lasted till the 18th century, when it began stagnating. After centuries of unforgettable and amazing history, Hvar is today the main tourist centre of the island and one of the most loved tourist resorts on the Dalmatian Riviera.

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