In the 4th ctr. BC, the Ancient Greeks brought the grape vine to this sunny island and planted it in the fertile plain of the ancient town Pharos. Throughout the centuries of rich and turbulent history, people on Hvar cultivated their vineyards with great skill and care, blessed with the lushness of Mediterranean.


Grapes and wine gave them safety, food and medicine. They grew some of the finest varieties in this area, but the challenge still remains: how to turn this richness and harmony into great wines. The wines from Hvar have become very competitive at wine fairs, winning first prizes and are among the best wines in Croatia.  

Our Wine Tour is fully guided tour – not a shuttle service that drops people off to fend for themselves.  We provide the personal attention and service that will make your tour more enjoyable and a memorable way to spend your day! 

In the wine celler you will taste local wines on your choice and the wine tasting guide will describe the individual wines in an entertaining way and provide information worth knowing about this drink, noblest of all. It is easy to lose track of time while tasting wine, so please bring enough time with you!





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